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Hayman’s, London Dry (41.2%) (English)

Hayman's London Dry Gin is produced to a family recipe which is over 150 years old. These days, this gin is produced in London (following the Hayman's base of operations moving from Essex in 2018), only four miles from where the company was founded all those years ago. 

Single - £3.00     Double - £4.50


Boe, Violet Gin (41.5%) (Scottish)

A vibrant variation on the Boë Gin recipe, which has been infused with violets! Surely an excellent tipple for the summer months, this will go well in a classic G&T

Single - £3.50     Double - £5.50


Bakewell Gin (40%) (English)

Just six botanicals were infused in this gin in total, with the inevitable cherry and almond and classic notes of juniper supplemented by additions of cardamom, cubeb pepper and hibiscus flowers.

Single - £4.50     Double - £6.50


Two Birds, Strawberry & Vanilla Gin (37.5%) (English)

Well, this somewhat does what it says on the tin, doesn't it? Tasty Two Birds Gin, with the lip-smacking addition of strawberry and vanilla. Summer drinks ahoy!

Single - £3.50     Double - £5.50


Warner Edwards, Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin (40%) (English)

Victoria's Rhubarb Gin, which uses a variety of rhubarb originally grown in Queen Victoria's garden, hence the name, as well as their Harrington Dry Gin. They also add just enough sugar to balance out the acidity from the rhubarb, producing a spirit with plenty of sweetness and some subtle, enjoyably sour notes emanate from the rhubarb.

Single - £3.50     Double - £5.50



Pinksters, Pink Gin (37.5%) (English)

Pinkster is made with delicious raspberries which are steeped in the gin, lending it both its pink hue and subtle fruitiness. Those raspberries don't just go in the bin afterwards - goodness, no! Those gin-soaked little rascals go on to make Pinkster's Boozy Berries and Gin Jam. 

Single - £3.50     Double - £5.50


Fever Tree Tonics

Indian Tonic, Indian Light Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic & Aromatic Tonic

 £2.00 - 200ml Bottle

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